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What Keeps Us from our Ultimate Creative Potential?

The Lord wants us to be whole and joyful.  I'm convinced of it.  But sometimes negative life events happen to us that are anything but joyful, and that tend to break us rather than enhance any sense of being whole.  Our emotions can be damaged.  We might become angry, hurt, fearful, or anxious, and it seems like we have to struggle with those swirling emotions on a daily basis, and it’s traumatic.

Our usual thought patterns get skewed.  We might make a decision to do something in retaliation, only to discover later that we wish we hadn’t acted that way, because now we feel ashamed and embarrassed.  Perhaps a relationship that we valued has ruptured, and we don’t know how to make amends.  Maybe we don’t even want to make amends.

Life as we knew it is greatly disturbed because of those life events.  How do we make sense of it all?  Can we keep our eyes focused on wholeness in Christ, on our Ultimate Creative...

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