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Spirituality Classroom Blog

Own Your Story. Share Your Light.

Dr. Brene Brown of The Daring WayTM, tells it like it is for all us humans, based on her years-long, intense research on shame and vulnerability.  She states in her book, The Gifts of Imperfection, that on the inside of each of us, we contain an infinite power – the power of our light.   

Spiritual abuse attempts to squash that light out of existence, casting us back into shame and disconnection.  She says that the secret to rising above all that misery lies in owning our story – not hiding it somewhere, making believe that it’s not worthy of sharing.  That’s extremely difficult when we have been hurt badly.

Be that as it may, we each do have a light within that has been given to us by the Lord our Beloved Maker and Sustainer.  The story of our lives and the difficulties we have sometimes in keeping the light going, is of the utmost value.  Trauma tries to make us believe the opposite.  We want to hide our light and our...

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