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What is Wholeness? Can We Experience it after Spiritual Abuse?

According to Miriam Webster, “wholeness” is a condition of being sound in body.  According to the Free Dictionary, “wholeness” means to be sound or unhurt, containing all components; complete; not divided or disjoined; not wounded, injured or impaired; and an entity or system made up of interrelated parts.

According to the Bible, “wholeness” refers to the state of being perfectly well in spirit, soul (intellect, will, and emotions), and body.  As Christians, we believe that God’s Holy Spirit comes to us to transform our souls, to heal us in our emotions, our decision-making, and our thoughts.  God’s Holy Spirit can also heal our spirit and our physical body.  The wholeness that the Lord brings is pure gift, especially when we’ve been deeply wounded.

When we’ve experienced spiritual abuse, our thinking process, our belief system, our emotions, and our behavior are altered negatively because of the trauma...

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