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Our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ Part IV

Psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and theologians have researched to the nth degree what it means to be human, and what it means to find fulfillment as a human being.  We yearn to find that “something” that would fill the hunger that we experience in our hearts.  We believe that when we find that “something” we will be fulfilled and therefore happy. 

Part of finding fulfillment lies in discovering the innate talents we were born with, whether that’s a musical or artistic ability, scientific or mathematic ability, athletic ability, or an intuitive mindset that can seem to easily and accurately understand people.  Or maybe your innate talent is something I haven’t named.       

When we’re considering those kinds of talents, we say that fulfillment consists of developing them so as to be of use in one way or another.  Becoming skilled in your particular talent perhaps takes a lot...

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