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Search for the Creative Way Through Adversity

Today I continue to write about Brené Brown’s 3rd Guidepost, which is “Cultivating a Resilient Spirit:  Letting Go of Numbing and Powerlessness."  Last week I wrote about Resilience, so this week I’m writing about Numbing and Powerlessness.  The book I'm referencing is listed at the bottom of this blog.1

When adversity hits, it’s hard for most anyone to be resilient in the middle of the pain, vulnerability, or struggle.  What happens for many of us is that we want to find something to take the edge off of the pain and discomfort.  Many of us run quickly to whatever would make it all more tolerable.  Some take refuge in addictive behaviors, which only make it worse.

The problem is that when we take the edge off of the pain, vulnerability, anxiety, or struggle, we rob ourselves of the power to do anything that would really help. What we don’t realize is that when we numb a negative emotion, we also numb the positive...

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With Healing Comes Creativity – and More, Much More

Last week I explained how I came up with these three phrases:

  • Rendered by life’s events
  • Transformed by Christ
  • Empowered by the Holy Spirit

 If you didn't read last week's blog, I invite you to do so now.

Each one of those phrases represents a part of the healing process from having been spiritually abused.  There comes a time when the pain and suffering have had their say in “rendering” us.  We realize that we can’t carry it any longer.  We’ve had it.  And so we sur-render to our Maker.  

The Latin prefix “sur” means “over” or “above.”  We have given over our “rendering” by life's events,  to the Lord who loves us unconditionally.  And now he can “sur-round” us with his loving comfort and healing presence. 

There’s a song I can remember singing a few decades ago called “His banner over me is love.”  Exactly. ...

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