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Do You Want to Follow Jesus?

“Come, follow me.”  Jesus gazed intently at those who became his disciples, and said those simple words:  “Come, follow me.”  There was something in his demeanor, in the way he spoke, that caused Andrew and Peter, James and John, and all the rest to immediately drop what they were doing, in order to follow this unusual man who had suddenly appeared in their lives.

Jesus gazes intently at those in every generation who become his disciples.  He gazes intently at you and at me.  Sometimes we follow him instantly.  Sometimes it seems we have to struggle to let go of whatever it is, that would keep us from following him – including the struggle of traumatic abuse in our church.  But we are still drawn to those words.  “Come, follow me.”  We will find our healing when we follow Him even – or maybe especially when we are tempted to believe that our pain is more powerful than the Presence of the...

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