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Our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ Part II

What is our “Ultimate Creative Potential?”  I believe that God made us to be creative beings.  He gave each of us gifts and talents.  Part of the joy of being human includes realizing what our gifts and talents are, developing them, and then finding a constructive use for them.  

I also believe that God expects us to be co-creators with him of what we make of the life we’ve been given.  He wants us to have a say in how we use our gifts.  When we remember to bring him along in our decision-making, we are participating in an ultimate creative potential that just wouldn’t be the same, if we simply “usurped” life in a selfish manner.  

A case could be made that our Ultimate Creative Potential is the same as “wholeness,” in which every part of our spirit and soul is in a state of health, fulfillment, and completeness.  Can we ever arrive at such a place in this life?  I believe that...

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