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Do You Want to Be One of the Lord's Saints?

In my church tradition (the Episcopal Church,) we always celebrate the first Sunday of November as “All Saints Day.”  It’s a day when we remember Christians who have lived before our lifetime – Christians who have followed Jesus to the nth degree.  Some of them, with great gusto and joy, have brought new understandings of what it means to live the kind of love that Jesus told us to live. 

Others have suffered deeply, either with persecution and imprisonment, or have finally been executed for their faith.  Still others have lived into a “saintly life” in the presence of the kind of suffering that comes from profound grief or bodily aches and pains that come from some physical infirmity – all while clinging to the Lord to carry them through. 

We remember them all on All Saints Day, with great gratitude and with expressing the desire to also become one of the Lord’s “saints.”

Historically, in some...

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