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Reverence the Integrity of Others

Last week I wrote about the phrase “Reverence the Integrity of Self,” our truest, deepest Self in Christ, and how when we truly reverence that creature, we will desire to bring her to full life.  More than that, when we commit to that reverence in the Lord’s presence, we will be obeying Him.

This week I continue with Fr. Bonnell Spencer’s explanation of the vows that monks take.  So, what about the vow of “chastity?”  You might very well say, “Dorothy, what does that vow have to do with me?  I have no intention of becoming a monk or nun.”  Most of the time, those of us who are not part of those kinds of religious communities, misinterpret their vow of chastity by making it too specific – i.e. meaning celibacy – meaning not having sex with anyone.  That's all it means.  Right?

But what if I told you that’s not what Fr. Spencer’s next definition says?  He writes that...

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