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Our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ Part IV

Psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, and theologians have researched to the nth degree what it means to be human, and what it means to find fulfillment as a human being.  We yearn to find that “something” that would fill the hunger that we experience in our hearts.  We believe that when we find that “something” we will be fulfilled and therefore happy. 

Part of finding fulfillment lies in discovering the innate talents we were born with, whether that’s a musical or artistic ability, scientific or mathematic ability, athletic ability, or an intuitive mindset that can seem to easily and accurately understand people.  Or maybe your innate talent is something I haven’t named.       

When we’re considering those kinds of talents, we say that fulfillment consists of developing them so as to be of use in one way or another.  Becoming skilled in your particular talent perhaps takes a lot of work, but we say it’s worth it.  Because performing our finely honed talent brings joy...Doesn’t it?

So, is that what I mean when I talk about Our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ?  Fulfilling and using natural talents?  It can mean partly that, especially if the Lord calls us into an endeavor that intimately involves using our innate abilities. 

However, sometimes He calls us to follow a direction that, at least on the surface of things, appears not to use that gift that we’ve worked so hard to perfect.  He can in fact, call us to “surrender” that gift, surrender it to Him so that we can do His will.  That surrender can be devilishly difficult and painful, because we don’t understand and we don’t want to “give it up” or to “die to it.”  Nevertheless, the act of surrendering to Him is what some people experience as a calling.

And so fulfilling and using natural talents is not all that I mean by the phrase “Our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ.”  There have been many people who have sharpened their talents to an unbelievable professional degree, and who are using those perfected talents either as a hobby or career – but who have never asked the Lord what He wants them to do. 

Some people could be quite self-centered in the pursuit of their career, not caring what happens to other people, as they climb the proverbial ladder of their chosen field.  It’s possible that they could be quite unhappy, feeling that they’ve never achieved what they thought they wanted.  Or they’ve achieved it, and it didn’t bring them the happiness or fulfillment they expected.  They still have the hunger in their heart.  They could be bitter and cynical.  It’s possible that some in this set of people could be of some religion other than Christianity. 

Believe me, I do know that other religions offer peace and other good things.  I’m not trying to make a disparaging remark against them.  It’s just that my phrase includes the words “in Christ,” “Our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ.”  If we don’t ask Him what He wants us to do, then our creative potential is not yet in Him.  Since I’m Christian, that’s the spirituality that I understand.

My point in this blog is that, while honing our innate abilities is a good thing to do, maybe even a holy thing to do, it’s only part of the picture of seeking, finding, and living into Our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ…and yes, to seek, find, and live into this beyond spiritual abuse. 

 What has been your experience in your spiritual journey?  What does “in Christ” mean to you?  Leave me a comment.

Leave me a comment.

And remember, you're awesome!  May God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand.

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