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Our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ Part I

The purpose of my website reads:  “Empowering women who have been spiritually abused by someone in their church, to discover their path through healing toward unleashing their Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ.”  Today’s blog is about the phrase “Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ.”  

I’ve been collecting ideas for quite some time, for various ways to define that phrase.  I hope that working with you all will cause my definition to grow, as I listen to your experiences.  But for now, I will offer over several blog entries, my beginning definition for “Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ”: 

"Growing throughout life into an ever wiser and stronger maturity, with faith, hope, love, and joy, while being able to express our unique  creativity with all the giftedness that the Lord has given us, in order to serve God, Self, and Others in His Kingdom." 

Over time, our “ever wiser, stronger maturity” takes the place of an earlier naivité.  Life has a way sometimes of presenting us with difficult challenges.  One type of challenge is what to do and how to act, after being deeply hurt or brokenhearted, especially by spiritual abuse.  If we live long enough, we will possibly be brokenhearted many times and for a variety of reasons.  So we might as well learn how to handle those difficulties in Christ.   

Can we grow into our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ without ever being broken?  I don’t know.  That has not been my experience.  I know that I’ve been broken on more than one occasion.  I have yearned for that ultimate creative potential in Him for myself.  I know that when healing came, I suddenly had a firmer foundation to stand on to find my real self and my joy in life.  It’s as though, if we really want to find that potential for ourselves, we almost have to be broken, as crazy as that sounds.

It’s not that we want to be broken.  We certainly didn’t want the brokenness the first time around, and we didn’t want it at any time after that.  We don’t want to be broken now.  But, with time, it’s possible to see that wisdom and maturity come from healed brokenness.  So, if another time of being filled with strong, difficult emotion comes our way, we can at least endure it with a kind of maturity that we didn’t have before – knowing that in Christ, eventually a blessing will come.  Our earlier naivité no longer exists.  

What part of the phrase “Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ” resonates with you?  Do you think it’s possible to grow into that frame of mind, that spiritual reality?

Leave me a comment below.

And remember, you're awesome!  May God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand.



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