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Do You Want to be Healed More Than You Want to be Wounded?

Uncategorized Dec 04, 2019

In Chapter 13 of Anne Graham Lotz’s book, Wounded by God’s People:  Discovering How God’s Love Heals our Hearts, she writes these disarming words about healing from spiritual abuse: 

“…when I experience a wound in my spiritual journey, I have to come to a turning point where I want to be healed more than I want to be wounded.”  (p. 173)

 “Wow!”  And “Ouch!”  How profound!  Have you ever worn your woundedness like a badge?  In a weird and perverse way, it’s comforting to keep it around, to keep nursing it.  After all, you deserve to be angry (or whatever your emotional response has been.)  Isn’t that what we secretly think at one stage of this whole mess?

I know from my experience that when the wound is fresh, we may want to be healed.  But the shock and the strong emotions and the deep hurt haven’t been dealt with yet.  A certain amount of time and processing of the event have to elapse before we can begin to contemplate Anne’s words. 

She speaks of a turning point after which, we will want to be healed more than we want to stay wounded.  What do the turning points look like?  I suspect the details of your turning point and the details of my turning point will be different from each other.  And yet, they probably will have the same kind of spiritual movement in our hearts. 

For me, it took the realization that I had actually threatened to sue that church, when in my heart of hearts down deep I knew that I could NEVER EVER sue the Body of Christ, no matter how completely they crucified me.  What on earth was I thinking?  It was that realization – that I was willing to become an abuser – it was my own humiliation and shame over it, that made me come down with shingles.  The spiritual movement in my heart was that humiliating.  That was my turning point.

Even beyond that turning point, there was still much that needed to happen before my healing could be realized.  But at least, after that I faced a different direction.  Thanks be to God!

What is your turning point?  Have you reached one yet?  It’s OK if you haven’t.  There’s always hope that there will be one.  We simply are where we are in our journey.

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And remember, you're awesome!  May God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand.



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