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Did You Know You Can Take Part in Your Own Healing Process?

Uncategorized Dec 18, 2019

In my post last week, I listed prayer as an important item in the healing process from spiritual abuse.  And it certainly is a big one.  In fact it’s huge! 

Before the abuse happens, you probably had a favorite way to pray, or at least a particular style of praying that was your “go-to” whenever you needed to pray.  Like praying for someone else, for example.  Many of us who have belonged to a prayer group at our church, have a list of people’s needs and wants that we regularly lift up to the Lord.  That's the kind of prayer called "intercession."

After the abuse, who knows if you can access that way of praying anymore.  Many, many women have reported a sudden loss of being able to pray at all.  It’s like the abuse event itself and your reactions to it have left you in a state of spiritual suspension in which all prayer of whatever the kind, has completely left you.  You truly can’t access prayer at all.  And it's an awful experience!

I fully believe that we can befriend ourselves, by having the determination to take part in our healing process.  As far as praying goes, we start searching Scripture, searching our heart, trying to find God, trying to find a different way to access a relationship with Him.  That’s actually what prayer is – a living relationship with God.  Abuse can severely harm it.

As part of my own healing process, I wrote a book that is available on Amazon.  Its title is Dependable Prayers for Desperate Times:  10 Ways to Pray When You Hurt like Hell from Spiritual Abuse.  It was very important to me to share what I have learned in working my way through my own prayer wilderness.  Check it out.

What has been your prayer experience after the abuse?  What have you experienced? 

Leave me a comment.

And remember, you're awesome!  May God bless you and hold you in the palm of His hand.



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