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Spirituality Classroom

Where you can seek a path to healing from the trauma of spiritual abuse.

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Spiritual abuse is never OK!

Has someone in your church wounded your spirit, so that you don't feel comfortable there anymore?

Do you feel isolated from your church because of ruptured friendships, a devastated faith, a shattered prayer life?

Has your sense of values been violated?

Do you wonder if there's a way to find healing, hope, peace, and joy again?




You've come to the right place!  

You can find here at Spirituality Classroom:

    • A safe place where you can know you are reverenced for who you are
    • New prayer and wholeness tools that can stand you in good stead for the rest of your life
    • The truth about spiritual abuse that is emerging from research, ideas for wholeness from Christian Spirituality, and reflections on healing passages from Holy Scripture

Healing is Possible Beyond Spiritual Abuse

Join me on a faith journey to seek spiritual healing. Come along on an exciting adventure of searching for wholeness in Christ. Discover tools along the way that can relieve your stress, reignite your hope, and renew your prayer life. To learn more, watch the brief video below.


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Blog Main Topics

What Does the Research Say About Spiritual Abuse?


Awareness is growing of the trauma of spiritual abuse in churches.  A growing number of authors are writing books and journal articles on this subject, many speaking from their own traumatic experience.  In this part of my blog, I will bring their findings and insights to you.

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What Does Christian Spirituality Say about Wholeness?

Christian Saints through the centuries have found wholeness in Christ in one form or another.  Many of them have written about their journey and the phenomenon of wholeness in Christ.  In this part of my blog, I will share how their wisdom is relevant for us today.  

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What does Holy Scripture Say about Healing?


There are many passages in the Bible that talk about physical and spiritual healing.  The Lord would love nothing better than for us to find our wholeness, our healing in him and in his love.  In this part of my blog, I will write about those Scriptures and how we can live into our Ultimate Creative Potential in Christ.

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Life Coaching and Online Courses

Beyond the Blog: Life Coaching and Online Courses provide the context for healing to occur.

Women can enter a severe faith crisis when their church leader abuses them emotionally and spiritually.  Such trauma builds dangerous levels of stress, destroys trust, and damages prayer life.  Without guidance, many will suffer because their wound robs them of joy in everything else they do.  

If this is true of you, you have come to the right place. 

Spirituality Classroom offers a safe place where you can relieve your stress, reignite your hope, reboot your prayer life, and renew your joy.  Spirituality Classroom provides online courses, spiritual tools, and supportive life coaching as you search for your path to healing and beyond.  

We believe that you can grow through healing into a beautiful wholeness in Christ.

Come along and catch the vision!

" Dorothy, you have successfully brought me through a continuous and impending very dark place in my life. You did not shy away, but gave clear guidance and loving clarity so that God Himself could finally get through to me. Thank you!" Stephanie S."



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Website Disclaimer

The author of this website is an Episcopal priest and a certified Spiritual Life Coach, working with adult women clients to help them find their own path to healing.

Although engaging the material on this website may help women discover a path toward positive change, healing is not guaranteed.  This website is not a substitute for individuals who need professional counseling to ensure their well being and stability.  Those interested in enhancing the spiritual abuse healing process beyond the scope of this website, are encouraged to seek out additional aids such as support groups, sponsors, mental health professionals, and/or related self-help books.

The content and information presented herein that were created by the author, represents the view of the author as of the date of publication.  The author reserves the right to update any information in previous posts if she becomes aware of new developments in research.  


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